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Our Leather Story

All Of Our Pieces Are Handcrafted With Love, Care And Spirit; We Use Only High Quality Ethically And Responsibly Sourced Leather. All Leather Is Sourced Sustainably As A By-Product Of The Food Industry. 


Here At Master We Are Firmly Opposed To Employing Exotic Animal By-Products In Any Our Garments.  We Are Also Committed To The Environment And Our Current Collection Has Been Crafted With Chrome Free Leather Tanned With Low-Impact Dyes And Vegetable Based Tannins.   All Chemicals Used In The Tanning Process Are REACH Certified. REACH Is A Regulation Of The European Union, Adopted To Improve The Protection Of Human Health And The Environment From The Risks That Can Be Posed By Chemicals. 


In Order To Achieve The Signature Master Hand Distressed Look, All Of Our Garments Are First Washed And Hand Distressed.  Each Distressed Piece Is Submerged In Water And Placed Under Weights; From There They Are Manually Hand Tossed And Tumbled.  To Give Each Piece Truly Unique Look And Feel The Final Distressing Process Is Done By Hand To Highlight And Accentuate The Natural Imperfections In Leather.


This Comprehensive And Involved Multi-Step Process Brings Out Beauty, Tone, And  Variation In The Garments; This Causes Some Panels To Appear Darker And Others To Appear Lighter. This Textural And Tone Variation Allows Master Products To Be Differentiated From Machine Made Mass Produced  Garments.  The Distressing Process Also Makes Master Garments Timeless, Plush, And Comfortable To Wear.  All Of Our Pieces Are Made To Last, And The Value In A Product Like This Is That They Only Get Better With Time And Wear.  With That Being Said, Don’t Be Afraid To Live In Your Garments, Don’t Be Afraid Of The Elements, Don’t Be Afraid Of The Imperfections…Make Each Piece Your Own.