Our Friend Chuck and his Field Jacket

Our Friend Chuck and his Field Jacket



We've been a fan of Chuck's rugged and rustic style on Instagram (@32oz_denim) for a hot minute, so it was a match made in heaven when we sent him over a Field Jacket for him to rock during his work as a brewer. 

A job that you can imagine is pretty hands on, so what you wear really counts!

He's been wearing his Field Jacket for roughly a month now - and get a look at this killer patina! How gnarly are those sleeves?

Not to mention the selvedge denim rub-off all over the interior and exterior of the jacket.

To most, this may be seen as something that is unwanted. Something that is even upsetting. But we don't see it that way at all, we see this as something to celebrate!

Chuck wears his Field Jacket exactly how it was designed to be used. He's mentioned to us "it's seriously one of my favourite jackets I've ever had, if not my favourite".


But that’s not all that’s adding to the jacket’s unique charm. The selvedge denim rub-off is giving it an extra dose of personality, both inside and out. For those not in the know, selvedge denim is crafted on traditional shuttle looms, resulting in a tighter, more durable weave. This means less fraying and a cleaner finish, but it also means that the indigo dye can rub off onto other surfaces, creating those cool, worn-in streaks and marks. This process, known as crocking, is a natural part of the denim aging process and adds to the jacket’s character.

Leather jackets can experience colour transfer or staining from other materials, such as denim or certain fabrics, but it's not specifically referred to as "crocking" in the same way denim does. This transfer can happen due to friction or prolonged contact between the leather and the other material.

Long story short: it looks really great! And totally gives off that perfectly "worn-in & lived-in" aesthetic of patina. Love that!




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