Professional Bull Riders | 2022 Canada National Finals

Professional Bull Riders | 2022 Canada National Finals
Hey y'all, Lane here from Master Supply Co.

We were beyond proud to provide our signature Convoy (with a PBR 2022 back patch) to all 25 Contestants of this year's Professional Bull Riders Canada Nationals hosted in Edmonton, Alberta! 

Everyone here at Master Supply Co flew out west to Alberta to join in on the weekend of bull riding at it's finest! In attendance was no other than Silvano Alves, 3-time world champion. Which was super cool to see him rocking our customized Convoy for all the riders, what an honour! I even managed to snap some killer photos of him before the event too.

We also met with a few of the riders, as well as the General Manager of the PBR, Jason Davidson! Super great guy.
We had some good chats about not only this year's event, but even some plans for the 2023 season! 
(photo of Griffin Smeltzer, AB)
Seeing our logo - and even our commercial on the huge Jumbotron was nothing short of amazing. Not only that, but this was our first ever PBR event!
It was pretty cool walkin' around the concourse and having a few of the guests and even the contestants recognize us (thanking us for the jackets), that was pretty sweet.

While we were in town, we swang by a few Lammles's Western Wear locations to check things out too. Really wish there was some locations around Ontario, haha. But it makes it even more special when I'm out west.

It was for sure a highlight to the year - and we cannot wait to head west come 2023 to do it all again!
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