Behind the Scenes | Lil Jon Photoshoot in Toronto

Behind the Scenes | Lil Jon Photoshoot in Toronto

 Hey y'all, Lane here back at it again for another blog instalment.

This one is super cool, as I'm sure you've seen some of the images/videos on our socials already - but I never get tired of telling this story, so here we go!

In the early spring of 2022, we got an email from a customer (of a few orders) asking about updates for something they purchased most recently - something so routine and regular for us (to get these kinds of emails). But! Josh noted the email address - and was like "yo Lane I think.... I think this is Lil Jon".

We quickly did some research on the backend, and yeah, it was Lil Jon who had ordered a few things by us over a span of a month! How rad is that!

Not only has he ordered pieces from us, but, he's worn them on his TV Show (which is awesome btw) on Discovery Network; "Lil Jon Wants To Do What?"


You can see him wearing our Derringer in the key art show poster. So sick!



Plus, here's a clip of him rocking his Goldrush jacket live in Vegas, whatta dope looking party too!

So after seeing all this, I hit him up on IG to extend a direct Thank-You message for supporting the brand! And he actually got back to me!

Since then (Spring 2022) we have been in casual contact! So when I saw he was coming to Toronto for a DJ Set, I had to shoot my shot and get him in studio for some photos in his Master Supply Co gear!

We locked in a date & time, and the rest was magic.
I had my assistant Noah Baret capture some video of the photoshoot too.

Here's the BTS Video via YouTube:


Below are some of the key shots from the day,
I'm really hyped on the images - they're exactly what I wanted to capture: Badass Rockstar Fashion Stuff!




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