Our "Accelerust" Leather | What You Outta Know!

Our Singature "Accelerust" Leather | What You Outta Know!


At Master Supply Co, we take pride in introducing the Accelerust Leather, a testament to craftsmanship and innovation. This exceptional leather has found its home in our Mark-IV, Guardian, Convoy 224, and Daytona 224. Elevating the essence of each piece with a dynamic blend of style and substance.

The Accelerust leather journey begins with chrome tanning – a process that enhances both durability and character. Chrome tanning involves treating the leather with chromium salts, a technique known for its efficiency. This process not only ensures robustness but also opens the door to a more diverse range of colors and textures of leather.

Following the chrome tanning, our leather embarks on a transformation through barrel dyeing and pigmentation. These additional steps create the distinctive layering effect that ultimately contributes to the vintage and rugged feel that defines Accelerust. Each stage of this process imparts a distinct personality to our leather, creating a product that exudes a timeless, heritage-inspired look. In this blog we will dive into the world of Accelerust and discuss what you can expect as your leather begins to wear.



Accelerust Leather: The Craftsmanship Journey 

Our journey begins with a distinctive chrome tanning process, laying the foundation for durability and resilience. The leather undergoes meticulous steps, ensuring a sturdy base for the exceptional creations that follow.


The Chromatic Symphony: Cognac Hue

A unique barrel dyeing process ensues, immersing the leather in a rich cognac hue. This step not only imparts warmth but also sets the stage for the visual masterpiece that Accelerust Leather is destined to become.


Layered Brilliance: Pigmented Black Revelation

What sets our Accelerust Rust leather apart is the intentional layering of pigmentation in black. This strategic fusion creates a mesmerizing effect, allowing the underlying brown core to gradually reveal itself with each wear! The result is a visually dynamic journey that unfolds rapidly, marking the passage of time in a truly distinctive way. What the jacket looks like once it's taken fresh out of the box - versus what it looks like after months of wear - are amazingly night and day!


A Patina Tale: Individuality in Wear

One of the most captivating features of Accelerust Leather is its rapid patina development. Each jacket evolves with individual wear patterns, narrating a story shaped by the experiences of its wearer. Not only does the leather break in to the wearer, but the true character of the jacket really does reveal itself over time. Which is totally something worth talkin' about! For example, me personally, I drive alot, so my elbows are worn in a different way because of all the time I'm leaving on them as I'm in the driver's seat. 


In conclusion, Accelerust Leather is more than just a material; it's a journey, a story waiting to unfold with every wear. Master Supply Co invites you to experience the artistry, innovation, and elegance encapsulated in each piece of our Mark-IV, Guardian, Convoy 224, and Daytona 224 collections – where Accelerust Leather takes center stage.


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