Master Supply Co | Restomod Nation | Photoshoot

Master Supply Co | Restomod Nation | Photoshoot


Howdy y'all, Lane here for another entry to our blog!

This one surrounds a super cool video/photoshoot Josh and I did with fellow Canadian company, Restomod Nation.

Owned and founded by Sean Fillion, Restomod Nation basically supplies you with the American dream... Retro Horsepower!

Creating a brand-spankin-new 1968 Ford Shelby Cobra GT500, this car is quite arguably the epitome of the word "Cool".



We had a great opportunity to quickly meet up with our pal Sean for a shoot (as he was passing through Sudbury Ontario). So, on a -14 degree Celcius morning on a Saturday in March - we did the damn thing.

Josh and I shot 3 looks quick (The Goldrush, The Convoy, and The Scoundrel).
Even some quick snipes of Sean (in his Convoy leather jacket) and his toys too!




Here's some info on the car!

The FOUGAL GT500 is the ultimate modern classic; they are not just vehicles, they are masterpieces of art, design, and cutting-edge engineering. Each GT500 is built on a brand new chassis that boasts the highest standards of quality, performance, and design. With a full chassis upgrade, rack and pinion steering, and coil-over suspension, our GT500s offer a driving experience that is unrivalled by any 60s car. Under the hood, a modern 500hp+ all-aluminum 302 engine with manual or automatic transmissions provides the ultimate power and performance.  The GT500 handles like a new sport car, accelerates like a true muscle car, and screams like a supercar. This car is the ultimate in modern muscle.




The resulting photoshoot showcased the beauty and style of the GT500 while highlighting the attention to detail and quality that is synonymous with Master Supply Co's jacket designs.


Visit Sean's website at to learn more about his masterpieces, and stay tuned for future collaborations between these two innovative brands.



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