Please note that the size chart shows the exterior measurements of the leather jacket. The interior measurements, which include the liner and space for layering and comfort, are smaller than the exterior measurements. We suggest adding 6-8cm to your chest and bottom measurements for accurate sizing. This is especially important for our larger customers as our jackets are a slimmer fit than most traditional American brands.

Rule of Thumb

1. Measure your chest and bottom at their widest point. The larger of the two measurements will determine your size.
2. Add 6-8cm to each measurement for accurate sizing.
3. If you are between sizes, we suggest sizing up for a comfortable fit.

*Gunslinger vests are sized down and we suggest adding 2-4cm to your chest and bottom measurements for a fitted look and 4-6cm for a standard fit.

Measurement instructions

In order to choose the right size for your leather jacket, we recommend referring to the detailed measurement information provided below. Please take note of the three main measurements - Chest, Bottom, and Sleeve Length - as they are crucial to ensuring a proper fit.

To measure your body, we suggest adding an additional 6cm to your chest and bottom measurements (if you usually wear XL or larger, please add a minimum of 8cm) to account for the jacket lining, a light layer of clothing, and some room for comfort. If you plan on wearing a heavier layer, please adjust your measurements accordingly.

For greater accuracy, we recommend using a rope or sewing measuring tape to measure in centimetres. Please note that metal retractable tapes are not suited for garments. It's also a good idea to have someone assist you with taking your measurements to ensure their accuracy.

To measure your chest, wrap the measuring tape around the largest part of your chest, under your arms, while maintaining good posture and remaining relaxed.

To measure your sleeve length, measure from the ball of your shoulder/tip of your clavicle down to where your wrist meets your hand. Keep in mind that your height is directly correlated with your sleeve length.

The "Bottom" measurement refers to the area around your hips where the jacket will fall. Measure the largest part of this area, including your stomach, and use the larger measurement of your stomach or waist for your "bottom" measurement. The jacket must zip or button past this area for a proper fit.

The size chart measurements are the measurements of the actual jackets. Please allow a +/- 1cm deviation as all of our jackets are hand made.
If you have any questions - feel free to ask us! (See Contact Page)


Here is a YouTube video that can help with how to properly capture measurements: 


Watch the size guide video