We're proud to offer this brand new product, something in the works for months now. A piece that we think is the next level up from a leather jacket.

In this one-of-a-kind wide brim hat, we partnered up with our long-time pals, Coup De Tete, to offer something special!

Not only is this hat crafted by hand here in Toronto, Canada - but it is created with recycled materials from older jackets!
We cut out the liner from old pieces, and used them to wrap the under brim as well as surrounding the base of the hat's crown.

The style of this hat is our take on a classic hat silhouette, mixed with some contemporary materials and resulting in something badass! Perfect for someone who wants to level up their look, or just have another hat hangin' on the rack.

NOTE: Pre-Orders will be open from March 12th - March 25th only! So make sure to get your order placed within that window. We go into production March 26th 2022.

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