Master Supply Co Leather Jackets Brand Toronto Based Brand, Co-Founders Group Photograph. Canada best leather jackets brand.

Master Supply Co. Was founded in 2018 by partners Josh Mario John, Umar Rashid, and Lane Dorsey.

Master Supply Co came together as a perfect storm of complementary skills and experience; utilizing Umar’s hands on production and manufacturing experience with Josh’s eye for fashion and design and Lane’s stylized visual branding.

From our home base in Toronto we conceptualize and design all of our pieces, while the true hands on craftsmanship happens in our dedicated workshop in the heart of Sialkot where each piece is hand cut and sewn by our team of artisans.

As a company we have opted against the use of furs and exotic leathers. We strive towards a reduced environmental footprint by utilizing vegetable based tannins and chrome free dyes. At Master Supply Co we seek sustainability when sourcing our raw materials as all of our full-grain leathers are obtained as a direct byproduct of the food industry.

As the boys explain it, the design process is simple; “we create pieces that we want to wear. Each piece has a spot in our closet”. That practical philosophy is what continues to guide the brand’s DNA. Master Supply Co is heavily influenced by it’s Northern roots and blends that with a undeniably western inspired ruggedness.

What started as a collective passion project has blossomed into a thriving community of like minded individuals with an identity shaped by the outlaw spirit and a lifestyle grounded in the true Northern grit!

Toronto Based Brand