Master supply co directors group
Master supply co directors group


Master Supply Co. is a Canadian-based company, founded in 2019 by Josh Mario John, Umar Rashid, and Lane Dorsey. The company specializes in heritage-inspired western leather jackets and denim, with a brand DNA influenced by northern roots and rugged style. Our home base is in Toronto, but we serve customers worldwide who appreciate the quality and distinctiveness of our products.

Our Vision and Mission
Master Supply Co.’s vision is to become the leading provider of premium rock n roll western inspired leather jackets and denim, with a focus on sustainable and ethical practices. Our mission is to create products with unparalleled quality, craftsmanship, and style, that evoke a sense of heritage and timelessness. We are committed to sourcing the best materials, utilizing skilled artisans, and collaborating with like-minded individuals who share our values.

Our Products
Our products are designed to be timeless and versatile, suitable for different occasions, settings, and styles. We offer a variety of dry goods, including classic double rider motorcycle jackets, trucker jackets and vests, as well as denim, all with a western flair. Our materials are carefully selected and sourced from reputable suppliers, ensuring durability, comfort, and sustainability. We also offer customization options for those who want to make their jackets their own.

Our Brand DNA
Master Supply Co.’s brand DNA is influenced by northern roots and rugged style, reflecting our founders’ backgrounds and passions. We value authenticity, quality, and craftsmanship, as well as sustainability and ethical practices. Our products are not only stylish but also durable, reflecting the ruggedness and resilience of western culture.

Collaborations and Partnerships
Master Supply Co. takes pride in collaborating and partnering with like-minded individuals and creators. We believe in the power of community and mutual support, and we seek opportunities to expand our horizons and impact. Some of our collaborations include working with photographers, musicians, fashion designers, and non-profits, to create unique and meaningful projects.

Master Supply Co. is a company that values heritage, style, and sustainability, in equal measure. Our products are designed to last, to evoke a sense of ruggedness and timelessness, and to reflect the beauty and resilience of western culture. We invite you to explore our website,, and discover the Master Supply Co. difference.