Over time and with daily wear your Master jacket slowly form to your body shape and will mature with a character that is all its own.

In order to ensure that regular wear doesn’t diminish the quality of the leather we have outlined some basic pointers for you to be mindful of.

For storage ensure that you have a sturdy garment hanger; this will ensure that the shoulders hold their form.

It’s best to avoid exposure to heavy rain; but if you’re caught there is no need to worry; simply wipe off the damp areas with a soft absorbent cloth and lay flat to dry.

We do not recommend using heat as it may alter the fit.
Some brands will suggest that you avoid heavy sunlight as it may alter the jacket colour.

Here at Master we welcome the elements and celebrate the leathers natural imperfections and the character that exposure to the elements brings.
Clean the jacket using a professional leather care kit.

Do not Iron
Do not wash and tumble dry
Do not dry clean

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