Size Chart Disclaimer and Measurement Guide

Important Notice:

Please be aware that the size chart reflects the exterior dimensions of our leather jackets. The internal dimensions, which include the liner and space for layering and comfort, are smaller than the exterior measurements. We recommend adding 6-8 cm to your chest and bottom measurements to determine your correct size. This is particularly crucial for our larger customers, as our jackets are designed with a slimmer fit compared to most traditional American brands.

General Sizing Guidelines:

  1. Determine Your Size:
    • Measure your chest and bottom at their widest points. The larger of these measurements will be used to determine your size.
    • Add 6-8 cm to your chest and bottom measurements to ensure accurate sizing.
    • If you find yourself between sizes, we recommend opting for the larger size for a comfortable fit.
  2. Special Considerations for Vests:
    • For our Gunslinger & High Noon vests, we suggest adding 2-4 cm to your chest and bottom measurements for a fitted look, and 4-6 cm for a standard fit.

Measurement Instructions:

For the best fit, please refer to the detailed measurement information provided below. Pay close attention to the three primary measurements: Chest, Bottom, and Sleeve Length, as these are essential for ensuring a proper fit.

How to Measure:

  • Chest Measurement:
    • Use a flexible measuring tape (preferably a rope or sewing tape, as metal retractable tapes are not suitable for garments).
    • Wrap the tape around the fullest part of your chest, under your arms, while standing with good posture and relaxed.
  • Sleeve Length:
    • Measure from the ball of your shoulder or the tip of your clavicle down to where your wrist meets your hand.
    • Note that your height is directly related to your sleeve length.
  • Bottom Measurement:
    • Measure around the largest part of your hips, including your stomach.
    • Use the larger measurement between your stomach and waist for your bottom measurement, as the jacket must zip or button comfortably over this area.

Additional Tips:

  • Add 6 cm to your chest and bottom measurements to account for the jacket lining, a light layer of clothing, and some comfort room. If you typically wear an XL or larger, add at least 8 cm.
  • If you plan to wear heavier layers, adjust your measurements accordingly.
  • For greater accuracy, have someone assist you with taking your measurements.


The size chart measurements represent the actual dimensions of the jackets. Please allow a +/- 1 cm deviation, as all our jackets are handmade.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us via our Contact Page.

Single Rider Leather Jacket | Daytona 224 by Master Supply Co.



Here is a YouTube video that can help with how to properly capture measurements:

Watch the size guide video